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Professional Bamboo Removal Service for California

No job is too big for our bamboo removal team and we have 30 years of experience doing this work. For this service we use the following protocols:

1) Please fill out our bamboo removal form on this webpage and attach images of the bamboo and the area where you want the work done. Please include close up images of the surrounding ground, the bottoms and middle sections of some of the bamboo canes, and also pictures showing the entire stand of bamboo. The images and information about your bamboo removal job will give us some idea of what will be involved and will assist us towards the goal of having a productive first phone call with you to talk about your concerns. In most cases we will schedule an on-site consultation during this phone call.

2) During the on-site consultation we will inspect the area to determine what is going to be involved in doing the bamboo removal. We will talk with you about the methods that can be used to achieve your goals and determine the work for which you would like to have formal quotes. Within 5 business days we will provide you with flat-fee quotes for bamboo removal or other requested quotes (i.e. rhizome barrier installation). There is a fee for the on-site inspection, usually $100-$250, depending upon your location. The cost of the on-site inspection can be used as credit towards the bamboo removal service.

3) When we remove the bamboo our team of insured professionals will arrive in the morning and in many cases we can complete the job in one day. Large jobs take longer than one day. We hope to hear from you and look forward to assisting with your bamboo removal project.