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Purchasing Bamboo from Davis Bamboo: Our bamboo plants are available for sale by delivery or by appointment in Davis, California, a few blocks away from UC Davis. We keep 50+ varieties of bamboo in stock and ready for immediate purchase to residential and rural customers and landscapers. Our inventory of potted bamboo plants is the largest of any nursery within 75 miles of Davis (including all of the Sacrmento area and the S.F. Bay area). We are experts at growing bamboo and assist our customers with making the best selections for their needs and we also provide advice on bamboo care and planting. There are two features of our nursery that clearly distinguish us from all of the other bamboo sellers we know of in California:

1) We guarantee our bamboo plants to be free of Bamboo Mealy Bugs and Bamboo Mites. There is a good reason the competition doesn't make this guarantee, ..... it is because they have these pests on the bamboos in their nurseries and they sell bamboo with these pests on them regularly. On the topic of Bamboo Mealy Bugs and Bamboo Mites, if you buy plants with them on it you will never ged rid of them. Your starter plants will grow into giant plants that will be throughly infested with the pests.

2) By providing considerable expert advice to our customers we coach them all the way through what they need to do to have a successful planting meeting their goals. When you call, be prepared to answer questions about your planting area and the features you are looking for in the way of bamboo.

Appointments and deliveries are scheduled via telephone. We take calls between 8 AM and 10 PM. Customers are asked to come to their appointments with vehicles capable of transporting their purchases. Most of our 5 gallon nursery pots of bamboo can fit in passanger cars. 15 gallon sized plants or larger generally require larger vehicles and open bed pickup trucks with a tarp and rope are recommended. Plant prices start at about $60 and the available potted bamboo plants range in size from 3 foot tall plants in 5 gallon nursery pots up to 45 foot tall plants in 36 inch redwood planting boxes. Most customers purchase either 5 or 15 gallon pots of bamboo.

Contacting Davis Bamboo: Please call us on the telephone at 530-756-7997. For appointments and questions about plant pricing, availability, selection, planting, maintenance, and any other questions you may have for us please call. If you feel the need to email us please be aware that the only kinds of questions we answer via email are those regarding availability and pricing of specific bamboo plants. If you are getting ready to email us about something other than that please just call. Email address: Bamboo@DavisBamboo.com (Email users please write "Davis Bamboo" in the email subject line)

Bamboo Delivery: Delivery of bamboo plants up to 15 feet tall is available at a rate of $2.50 per mile (calculated one way from Davis to the delivery location) plus the cost of any tolls. Plants taller than 15 feet may require an additional delivery surcharge. The minimum delivery fee is $75. The minimum bamboo purchase for which we will provide delivery is $500.

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